About Mentoring

 1.) General Introduction:

The General Introduction is a perfect choice if you want to know a bit more about the country you are dreaming of moving to, the city and your future university as well. You might have some questions about specific courses, facilities or even the teachers - our Mentors providing this service will have all the answers ready for you! You can also ask them about the financial part of your studies, whether you are able to fund your university years from your own pocket or need to find student aids and all sorts of opportunities. You may also get some information on the application requirements, such as the necessary language skills, required A-levels and high-school grades. It’s never too late to for an extra language exam, right? 

But the most important part of the General Introduction is that you can get to know each other with your Mentor, to see if you have some chemistry and want to work together in the future. 

2.) Motivational letter/portfolio:

Do you need a motivational letter, personal statement or a portfolio to submit and want them to be spot on? This is your service. Your Mentor can help you with deadlines and structure, among many other things. Some dream destinations (mostly Art Schools) might require a portfolio, an essay or some other creative texts and students find themselves in great need of some expert’s help. Mentors providing this service can explain the required formats and structure; they might have a tip or two about the writing style and length of these assignments. And while helping with the creative part, they also keep deadlines and accepted way of submission in mind.

3.) Application process:

This service is made for everyone applying to university. You will get support at every step of your application such as deadlines, filling in forms and all the other requirements. Every application process is full of minor details, stressful and sometimes a living hell for those who have never done such a thing. Many students need a helping hand to guide them through accepted formats, different writing styles, and deadlines or find someone who would officially translate their works. Mentors can help with all of the above and a lot more: they share essential sites and platforms that can help with all details and also answer questions regarding the application process.  

4.) Accommodation and living:

You have been through the application process, but now in need of help regarding housing, student ID, finances and possibly student jobs. This service is great for you/will change your life. The work doesn’t stop with merely applying - once accepted, there is a whole new chapter in the university application process. Now students have to think about all the administrative paperwork and official enrollment; they need to search for accommodation and they might also need a student job or a loan, maybe a scholarship. Mentors providing this service know how administration offices work, they are well aware of student housing sites and have a couple of ideas about the search engine, and they also have knowledge of money-making possibilities at the campus.