Safety by design

Safety is an utmost priority for us at Witmeup. We believe that the global student community we are trying to create here will only be credible if we protect our students as well as our Mentors. Here’s a list of things how we do that:

The website itself was designed to be safe for both parties

  • Everyone needs to validate their e-mail address when signing up or use their social media profiles to do so.
  • Via our admin system, we can moderate all uploaded inappropriate data, but mainly user data, profile pictures and university posts. 
  • We do not store financial data. Payments happen via an external, safe site with valid payment. 
  • We added a report user system, so we can filter out unethical behavior on our site.

Protection of project quality happens:

  • through Mentor validation. We ask Mentors to upload a valid Student ID or a university e-mail address
  • through our very own Mentor courses. All Mentors are asked to take these courses to be able to give the best service possible to future students while learning about the bits and pieces of mentoring.
  • through a full profile. We encourage everyone at our site to complete their profiles up to 100% in order to seem more credible.
  • through the Contact Ticket system. The general idea is that when students need to pay for contacting the Mentor and vice versa, they will take the shared project more seriously. 
  • through the payment method. Students might need to pay in advance, but the Mentors will only get their payment after closing the project. This enables us to investigate unethical behavior if needed. 
  • through a safe workplace. Both parties are able to communicate via our site, upload and share files and report the file system.
  • through the Refund policy. If, before closing the project, the Mentor decides not to continue working with the student anymore, they will not receive the payment they had previously agreed on, and so the students get their money back. If the students decide to leave the project earlier, Mentors will receive an amount according to their Refund policy. 
  • through the feedback system. After the end of each project, participants are able to rate each other by 4 different aspects.