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Witmeup connects students with Mentors from all around the world to get help with higher education application

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Forget the limits

It is hard to keep up with the ever-changing information and find all answers regarding higher education at one place. Witmeup is a global student community of inspired and driven individuals where students, ready to take a step into the big world, can connect, ask, share, and seek help about universities from local Mentors.

Our online Mentors are recruited, verified and trained on the Witmeup site, so they are ready to give credible first-hand information for high-school students about life at the university and how to get there. While high-school students get great support, our University Mentors can have a flexible job and income alongside their studies. 


Complete your profile

Whether a student or a Mentor - register now and complete your profile according to your preferences. Mentors are able to create their offer, which includes the institute they can help getting into, their type of mentor service, pricing and so much more. Students can find the Mentors in our listings based on their offers and profiles. 
For Mentors, we have also created Mentor Courses to learn more about the job and be able to give the best service possible. 


Start to connect

After finding the most suitable Mentor, students can contact them using their Contact Ticket, and Mentors can reply by using theirs. This part is important to make both parties take the first step seriously. You'll get 5 Contact Tickets after registration and later you can either buy or earn them by sharing the website! For more details, click here!


In what can you get help?

1. Pre-Application information

2. Mentoring personal statement/motivational letter or a portfolio

3. Supporting the university application process 

4. Help in accommodation, living terms, travel, and other tricks

Read more details about the mentor services:

1. Pre-Application:
Pre-Application is the introductory part of all Mentor services. The Mentor introduces not just himself, but the university as well shares his thoughts and experience about the campus, gives an overall general insight into the way of life at the university. As a student, it is also a great starting point after which you can decide whether you want to continue with the other Mentor services or not.

2. Motivation letter or Portfolio elements, if needed:
For many universities an applicant has to submit a Personal statement/Portfolio or a Motivational letter, that can be a very challenging part of the application. Whether it’s about a personal statement, a nice-looking CV, a creative yet professional cover letter or a unique portfolio, Mentors can help with all creative bits of the application documents. Remember that the Mentor is there to support the student, not to work instead of them.

3. Application process and documentation:
The Mentors task here would be to support the student in the whole Application process to their university: whether it's about how to properly fill out a required document and where to send it, or reminding them about important deadlines. How to fill out what and where to send it to who by when – the massive amount of paperwork some universities require at the application process can be overwhelming. Well, not anymore!

4. Living conditions, Accommodation options, Travel, Insurance, etc..:
For a student, the journey doesn't stop at the successful admission. A new phase of their life is just about to begin and as a Mentor, you can provide them with useful pieces of information for example how to find a roof over their heads or how to finance their living. Help them to feel at the doorstep of their new life a little more comfortable and confident.


Chat, agree and start your journey!

After you found and contacted your Mentor, you can start to discuss the details of the project for free and start your journey to your university with an excellent guide. Before the project, you have the option to get to know each other a bit better, agree on the details of the project. The project starts as soon as your deposit for the agreed mentor services arrives and we'll hold on to it until the end of the project to ensure the quality of your work together. In the end, the amount will be transferred to the Mentor and you'll be on your way to the University of your dreams!


Get into the university of your dreams!

  • We are sure that as a High-school student, you want to discover every quirky detail about the country, city, and university you are planning to go to. Every bit of information is useful and we are here to show it to you all. Join a global community and get information and support on the application process from students who have already got into the university of your dreams.
  • Everything is ready for a successful project, now we only need you!
  • 2018 Nov: Witmeup will open for student registration
  • 2018. December.: Start to connect with each other and start projects together


Is Witmeup a free service?

Signing up and contacting others is and always will be free. You only have to pay when you decide to start a project with a Mentor, from which we'll receive a small ratio.

How do I know this site is legit?

Apart from the Mentor validation process, a safe and secure online system, and payment site, all our Mentors are real people behind their profiles. This is why contacting them costs nothing, so students can decide whether they want the Mentor’s help before paying for anything.

Why Witmeup?

We are a student-oriented, open-minded community of passionate and friendly university students. Instead of signing you someone who explains the application process for an overpriced hourly rate, we give you the opportunity to choose your Mentor and get answers to all of your questions for a fair fee. Our Mentors are from all around the world with unique knowledge and fresh experience of their local universities. 

What does the Mentor validation mean?

It’s our process to make sure all our Mentors are legitimate to help students with the application and the other services. They need to be able to show their Student IDs or official university e-mail addresses. We also offer them online Mentor courses, so they can give the best service possible.

What are contact tickets?

Contact tickets are for both students and Mentors who want to get in contact with each other.  All user get free  Contact Tickets at the registration so you can use the system for free. After you can either buy them for a very small fee (1€) or get some for free through coupons. This isn't a tool to make a profit on our site but to protect both parties. This way the Mentors don't have to deal with students who just want to get free information from them and the students can be sure that the Mentor really has time for them and takes their project seriously. 

Who are the Mentors?

Witmeup Mentors are current or former university students from all around the world with all the essential information on application difficulties and university life. They are here to help future students get into the university of their dreams.

Mentor: How can I become an online Mentor?

You just have to register and create your profile on Witmeup. Remember, the more attractive your profile, the more students will probably contact you. You can also get useful information from our online courses and earn badges to make your profile more credible.

In what exactly students can get help from Mentors?

We have 4 services our Mentors can help with. Pre-Application as an introduction to the university life, Application process, Motivational letter, and the Post-Application. These services are individually priced by the Mentor and the students can choose which service they need. You can find a longer description of the mentor services at our "How does it work" section.


Give us feedback!

As a startup, your satisfaction is highly important to us. Share your ideas, thoughts, impressions, recommendations and together we can make Witmeup better!

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