Dear Parents of our Future Students,

thank you for visiting our page and giving us a chance to explain what we are doing here. 

As our parents were in the same situation a while ago, we understand how hard it must be to see your child leaving the family nest to start a new life; more so when they decide to move abroad for their studies. The feeling of insecurity and the fact that they cannot be there to help their children is a scary moment for any parent. 

Nevertheless, it is worth it. Studying abroad gives a great sense of independence and self-confidence while also gives the opportunity to experience a lot of exciting and mind-opening things that will be essential in the future. 

If your child has already decided to move abroad, we think it is important to give them the help and support they need. At Witmeup, they can find themselves a Mentor not only to make university applications a whole lot easier but also to receive all the help and assistance they need in other areas, such as housing and student jobs. 

So what can you do as a parent?

You can find the most suitable mentor for your child and follow the process of the project they are working on together, as you will also get notifications on the progress. 

Witmeup is an absolutely safe website: we control our mentors and offer them courses, so they can provide with the best offer for your children. We ask validation from the mentors (in the means of a Student ID or university e-mail) and a profile photo. And last: we came up with the idea of the safe payment process and the cancellation policy for our future students’ safety. 

Have a look around on our website for more information and if you have any questions, do not hesitate to write to us: contact us