For University Ambassadors

Witmeup is more a community of students rather than just a simple corporation. Now we recruit University Mentors worldwide from many countries and more than eighteen thousand universities. Our purpose is to have a community of fundamental University Mentors till November 2018, the first who joined the growing community of Witmeup and who can shape Witmeup by their ideas and being experts of our website.


In order to organize and support a huge number of University Mentors, we aim to have a University Brand Ambassador positions where the number of Witmeup Mentors exceeds a certain threshold.
University Brand Ambassadors will be the foundation of the Organisation of the Witmeup Mentors. Soon we'll be looking for Mentors to become Brand Ambassadors and help to shape Witmeup together! 


More information will follow later and of course, we'll keep you updated with any news regarding the Ambassador position. 
Right now just register as a Mentor on Witmeup! :)