Witmeup donations

Making education accessible to everyone                    

Here at Witmeup we strongly believe that education is a basic human right. The Witmeup community was created to connect students with each other all over the globe so that they can help each other locally in getting into higher education. 
Vice versa for University Mentors, we provide an online platform for a flexible and paid job opportunity that supports their CV with transferable skills and helps them strengthen their position in a competitive job market. 
But Witmeup goes one step further in helping people. We are committed to make education and information accessible to everyone, and this is why we have created Witmeup Donations. 

Donate Contact Tickets

Donate your unused contact tickets to people in need. After each Contact Ticket donated, Witmeup will give an extra too. 

Pro Bono Mentoring

University Mentors have the option to do projects on a pro bono basis for students in need. 

Pre-Scholarship Options

On Witmeup, universites worldwide have the option to provide for ‘application scholarships’ that help students in need go through their application process.
Witmeup Partnerships is always looking for connection with companies and organisations that are committed to make education accessible for everyone. To get more information on partnerships, email us on info@witmeup.com.

Our donation system development is still in progress.