Witmeup – the online way to university

The application to a University can be challenging, even more so to a University abroad. The path leads through uncertainty, misleading information and the hard work to find every answer to every single question. We experienced the same feelings during our journey! 

Different expectations, thousand varieties of application processes and deadlines, various documentation and their authentication in the countries and we haven’t mentioned all the duties after a successful admission.

That's why we made Witmeup, an online mentoring platform where University Mentors can help (international) students in their application and provide first-hand knowledge regarding the university or the living there! Witmeup is available at

Witmeup connects students leaving the secondary educational system with University students all around the world!

The idea of Witmeup emerged in 2017 and after a year of planning and site development, the website launched for Mentors in 2018 Juli! It will be open for students who are looking for their dream University in November 2018!

University Mentors set their own prices, availibility, and services on the Universities of their choosing!

We believe that Witmeup is bringing a new spirit to the world and creating a special network by building bridges between countries and generations! Providing a plattform and sharing the knowledge