For University Students

Dear prospective Witmeup Mentor

Either you are or once were a university student, you went through the whole application process and every quirky aspect of it. Of course, it was a while ago, but you still have the knowledge that can be shared with others in need

As Witmeup Mentor you have the possibility to share your thoughts and experiences about your University, the application process or useful tips about the living there and earn money in the meantime! Not to mention the people you get to know and the feeling of doing something great!
As a Mentor you work as a freelancer, you set your availability, your prices and you decide everything about the services you provide!

To whom? 

To the next generation of applicants from all around the world
There are more than 5 million international students who want to learn at a university abroad.

Witmeup is a sharing economy platform where students receive the information they need from Mentors who'll receive income in exchange.

How does it work?

1. Register as a Mentor and complete your profile
2. Complete our quick online courses and make your offer
3. Students will be looking for you in listings
4. Start a project together and help them to achieve their dreams

On Witmeup you will set and provide the following service packs: 

1.   General Introduction:

General Introduction is where the University Mentor introduces himself and shares his experience and thoughts about the university, the city or just the living there. It is also a great opportunity to decide if you want to continue with the other Mentor services

2.   Application process and documentation: 

Although it seems now far away, as a University Mentor you already went through the whole Application process to your University. Your task as a Mentor would be here to support the student in the whole Application process, either it's about how to properly fill out a required document and where to send it or reminding her/him about the important deadlines.

3.   Motivation letter or Portfolio, if needed:   

In many universities an applicant has to submit a Personal statement/Portfolio or a Motivational letter, that can be a very challenging part during the whole application. The University Mentor's job would be to support and give useful pieces of advice for the student. Remember that the Mentor is there to support the student, not to work instead of her/him.

4.    Information about Living conditions, Accommodation options, Travel, Insurance etc..:     

For a student, the journey doesn't stop at the successful admission. A new part of their life is just about to begin and as a Mentor, you can provide them with useful pieces of information for example how to find a roof over their heads or how to finance their living. Help them to feel at the doorstep of their new life a little more comfortable and confident.

All together

Job, income, flexibility, community, friends, and networking. What else? If you work at Witmeup you will have a serious reference to your CV and real working experience you will never forget.

Join us today, you can be one of the founding Mentors on Witmeup