to any university from mentors who already did it you can get help with your application process where you need it the mostStudents sign up starts from December 2018

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Witmeup makes the application process to university easy

Studying for finals/exams, figuring out the next 1-2-3 years (or more) and putting together applications is hard. Witmeup is an online student community connecting you with the most suitable University Mentors all over the world. Our goal is to provide you with hands-on help with anything you need for a successful application.

This is why it is our MISSION to connect you with the most suitable University Mentor so you will:

- get credible information from University Mentors at the universities of your choice
- get help with the application process from start to finish
- give you a smooth way to where you want to be


How does it work for high-school students?

Sign up, complete your profile and set your preferences for the country, city, and universities you want to apply to, choose what kind of support you need. Scroll through our listings of the University Mentors, connect with them and start working on your project together.

Witmeup university list include now more than eight thousand universities and we are going to increase up to seventeen thousand from more than 60 countries all around the world. You can certainly find your dream University and hopefully a Mentor too. 


Dates to remember

  • From July 2018:The site opens for University Mentors and we'll work hard to recruite as many as we can
  • Nov. 2018:
    Witmeup opens for students, yayyy!
  • From Nov. 2018:
    everything is set for a successful university application


Is Witmeup a free service?

Signing up and contacting others is and always will be free. You only have to pay when you decide to start a project with a Mentor, from which we'll receive a small ratio.

How do I know this site is legit?

Apart from the Mentor validation process, a safe and secure online system, and payment site, all our Mentors are real people behind their profiles. This is why contacting them costs nothing, so students can decide whether they want the Mentor’s help before paying for anything.

Why Witmeup?

We are a student-oriented, open-minded community of passionate and friendly university students. Instead of signing you someone who explains the application process for an overpriced hourly rate, we give you the opportunity to choose your Mentor and get answers to all of your questions for a fair fee. Our Mentors are from all around the world with unique knowledge and fresh experience of their local universities. 

What does the Mentor validation mean?

It’s our process to make sure all our Mentors are legitimate to help students with the application and the other services. They need to be able to show their Student IDs or official university e-mail addresses. We also offer them online Mentor courses, so they can give the best service possible.

What are contact tickets?

Contact tickets are for both students and Mentors who want to get in contact with each other.  All user get free  Contact Tickets at the registration so you can use the system for free. After you can either buy them for a very small fee (1€) or get some for free through coupons. This isn't a tool to make a profit on our site but to protect both parties. This way the Mentors don't have to deal with students who just want to get free information from them and the students can be sure that the Mentor really has time for them and takes their project seriously. 

Who are the Mentors?

Witmeup Mentors are current or former university students from all around the world with all the essential information on application difficulties and university life. They are here to help future students get into the university of their dreams.

Mentor: How can I become an online Mentor?

You just have to register and create your profile on Witmeup. Remember, the more attractive your profile, the more students will probably contact you. You can also get useful information from our online courses and earn badges to make your profile more credible.

In what exactly students can get help from Mentors?

We have 4 services our Mentors can help with. Pre-Application as an introduction to the university life, Application process, Motivational letter, and the Post-Application. These services are individually priced by the Mentor and the students can choose which service they need. You can find a longer description of the mentor services at our "How does it work" section.


Give us feedback!

As a startup, your satisfaction is highly important to us. Share your ideas, thoughts, impressions, recommendations and together we can make Witmeup better!

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