Contact Ticket

What is a Contact Ticket?

Contact Tickets are the currency of the Witmeup world. You trade it to connect with:

  • your chosen University Mentor if you are a student
  • students looking for your help if you are a University Mentor

After contacting your Mentor, you have the option for a while to chat with them for free. Talk to them, find out who they are and if everything seems great, the decision is yours if you want to start a project to your dream university! 

Why are Contact Tickets necessary? 

Witmeup set up this system to ensure the safety and comfort of both students and university Mentors. Contact Tickets are basically the ‘insurance’ so that only valuable connections are made between students and university Mentors. Contact Tickets do not aim to create profit, this is why they are very cheap, only 1€ each, less than a coconut latte, right?

If you have already registered you can easily earn free Contact Tickets by inviting friends to sign up on Witmeup.
As a University Mentor, rest assured that the students contacting you will have a genuine interest in paying for your help. As a student, Contact Tickets are the insurance that the university Mentor you requested to get in touch with will only do so if they have the capacity to help you. 

 What if your contact request gets rejected as a student?

You will get your ticket refunded within 48 hours. If the Mentor doesn't react to your contact request, you'll receive your ticket after 5 days.